What is Massage Chair Therapy?

Massage therapy is the practice of soft tissue manipulation. The goal of this type of therapy is to provide for relieving tension of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints of the body and also the relaxation of the mind. Massage chairs have now evolved to the point where they can provide effective full body therapy. Massaging recliners represent the automation of massage therapy and have started a new class of treatment called massage chair therapy.

Massage recliners started out as simple chairs with vibration motors. Vibration has been used for a long time to relieve tension and stiffness in the muscles. Vibration is particularly effective in penetrating all the way through the muscle tissue to the bone.

Massage recliners have now integrated various technologies in order to perform full body treatments. Massage chair therapy is the use of massaging chairs to provide full body treatments.

Many health professionals such as medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists are now using massage chair therapy. Massaging recliners have the advantage of providing consistent therapy treatment. They can be precisely controlled and directed to massage specific areas or the whole body.

Many chiropractors and other medical professionals are used massaging chairs as part of a total regimen for their patients. For instance, chiropractors may use these recliners to warm up their patients prior to a chiropractic manipulation.

Massage recliners are also used to provide traction of the spine. Massaging recliners that use a roller system in the chair back. The patient is put in a recline position and with the force of gravity the rollers will pass over each vertebrae in the spine. As the rollers passed over them, the discs are flexed which helps to stretch out the soft tissue between them.

Massage chairs provide a number of different movements and techniques. It is common to now find massage techniques such as shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, Swedish and deep tissue. Massaging lounger manufacturers have replicated many of the most popular and effective movements and techniques.

Massage recliners provide an automated means to deliver consistent full body therapy. They can also be programmed to target specific areas or to avoid specific areas depending on the needs of the patient.

Massage loungers also have other treatments in addition to massage therapy. Many massaging chairs now also have stretching systems. Stretching systems are available for the lower body and also for the upper body. The lounger will actually stretch out the legs or may stretch out the arms and shoulders.

It is also common to find MP3 players with headphones. This enables a medical professional to load soft music to the computer of the lounger. The soft music is then played for the patient to help with relaxation. This is used to calm the mind which helps the body to relax.

Many massage chairs also incorporate heaters. Heat is commonly used to help reduce swelling and to improve circulation. Massage recliners enable the health practitioner to apply heat specifically where it is needed.

Massage chair therapy is the automation of these various treatments. The advantages of a massaging lounger are that they can provide consistent pressure for a specific duration. They are programmable and are very repeatable. Human massage is tremendously variable and is not consistent from person to person.

Massage chair therapy is also available for in-home use. The same massage chairs which are used by health professionals are also available for use in your home or office. This enables you to have consisted access to massage therapy when you need it most.