Using a Tub Chair After Hip Surgery

Hip surgery can severely affect a person’s mobility and ability to take care of his physical needs. Taking a bath can pose a challenge because of immobility and fear of falling. Recuperation after hip surgery can take weeks to months, so maintaining proper hygiene is essential.

A bath chair may greatly increase a post surgical patient’s independence because it provides stability and gives the patient confidence that he will not fall in the tub. In addition, the post surgical patient may not be able to actually sit down in the bathtub, and even if he is able to sit down, he may not be able to get up. This poses the danger of falling and re-injuring himself.

The tub chair can eliminate or greatly reduce the incidence of further injury. In fact, many people sustain hip injuries that are related to falling in the bathtub, so patients often are even more afraid to take a bath, especially since his injury may have been caused by a fall in the tub. Although a bathtub chair can be purchased at may medical supply stores or even major drug store chains, they are readily available for purchase online. Purchasing a tub chair online can eliminate the hassle of actually going and picking up the chair, putting in the car, and bringing it home.

Online retailers of the tub chair will deliver the chair right to the home, which may be essential to the patient, especially if he cannot drive after his surgery.

Because of the greater security that the patient will experience by using this type of chair, his hygiene may be better. Good hygiene often makes sick or injured people feel better and more relaxed, which is a major factor in their ability to heal, both physically and mentally. These chairs can even be a great idea for people who are not injured or sick. They may just have slight mobility problems, such as achy joints, which decreases their flexibility and endurance. In these cases, this product can be a great help to them, while providing security and stability while they take a bath or shower.