Geri Chairs, Comfortable Practical and Functional

The geriatric or elderly population is considered to be part of the special patient group, along with pediatric, pregnant and breastfeeding patients. Healthcare services provided to this group are observed with extra precautions since their reactions to diseases, responses to medications and physiological demands vary from what is usually expected in regular patients. The hierarchy of drugs to be prescribed, therapy management and medical protocols were especially modified for them to ensure their safety and optimum health status. They may also require special equipment built to satisfy their unique needs, either for practical or clinical use. An example of such practical device is the Geri Chair (geriatric chair), a seat specially designed for the elderly.

Geri chairs (short for geriatric chairs) are chairs with tiny wheels which render it movable, either through the independent control of the user or through a caregiver’s assistance. The comfort it provides the elderly relieves them of the physical restraints they may experience from developing mobility problem that goes with increasing age. Its design is properly governed by ergonomic principles, rendering the user the advantages of adequate support, without sacrificing the chance to rest and relax. With such built, prolonged hours of being in the Geri chair will not cause much distress and agony to the patient, allowing them to enjoy other activities while leisurely staying put in their seat. Most types of geri chair recliners also feature a big tray in front of it where items, such as meals, can be properly placed. Moreover, geriatric chair have an excellent use in clinical settings such as during dialysis and blood collection.

With these advantages, the popularity of geriatric chair is continually growing through the years. In fact, several medical outlets which offer them are fast growing and access to them has been made easier through technological advancement. For example, information about this practical device is conveniently available online and some even offer them as purchasable products. There are some reliable online source of quality medical equipment who offer at discounted price. Besides providing a convenient way of shopping, they also committed to educate and pass relevant information to their customers, properly guiding their decisions about the purchase they are about to make. In their catalog on geriatric chair, different types are shown which include 3 position Geri chair recliner, clinical care Geri chair recliner and 3 position heavy duty bariatric Geri chair recliner. These online sources also offer free shipping on all 50 states within the United States.

Among the absolute facts of life is the certainty that every one of us will age and that our body functions will decline in years. We will eventually experience the weakness and physical limitations that we observe our elders to suffer from. It is very crucial that we remain sensitive about how they feel, ensuring that they maintain their sense of value and worth by stressing on the activities they can still manage to do than what they can no longer perform. Remember to explore the several options available for elders such as giving them access to practical devices like the geri chair recliner, which is a very good means to provide them comfortable assistance while promoting their chance to remain independent. These products are especially dedicated to them, so devise a way on how they can get maximum advantage from it.

Use Of The Stair Chair EMS Can Help Save Lives

One of the biggest challenges that firefighters and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) workers face is the ability to transport injured people out of a building. In many instances, firefighters have to physically carry the patients out of the building. This presents difficulties to the firefighters especially if the person’s weight is more than what one firefighter could carry. EMS workers face a similar challenge. Unfortunately, buildings are not necessarily built to allow stretchers easy access. In these instances, the stair chair EMS becomes the more practical choice. The stair chair EMS will allow EMS workers to maneuver around with less effort. They can move around with more ease.

Many apartment buildings have tight staircases and narrow corridors. If the patient is well enough to walk, then transporting him to the hospital would be easy. However, the more common situation requires EMS workers to physically carry their patient outside of the building and into the ambulance. With a stair chair EMS, the EMS workers will not need much space to move around. Tight corridors and narrow staircases will pose no difficulty for them. They can easy twist and turn around corners since the patient is sitting in the chair and will not need a wide space to move around. It is obvious that the stair chair EMS will be able to save more lives. The chair can also be used by firefighters who need to transport burn victims and get them out to safety.

The chair is easy to use by the EMS workers and firefighters. The material used to build the stair chair EMS is a very light material. This is important since a lighter load will allow EMS workers to move faster and transport patients sooner. This is a critical consideration in the event that there are multiple patients who need transportation out of a building. Safety is also an important consideration. The number one goal is the patients safety and at the same time stay comfortable while in the chair. Since buildings have several floors, it is possible that the patient will be in the chair for an extended amount of time. It is necessary that he is as comfortable as possible during the transport process. The chairs contain 3 straps that will hold the client in place. This ensures two things. First, the patient is safe and will not fall off of the chair. Second, the patient will not end up getting bounced around during transport. Patients who are badly injured are typically not moved off of the stair chair. This ensures their comfort during transport.

How Lift Chairs Can Benefit Nurses and Caregivers

Using a lift chair is one way in which seniors can increase safety in their home and improve independence. These lifting aids are used to make it safer and easier for the senior to stand-up on their own, while also making sitting safer. However, it is often overlooked the benefit these devices can have on the caregiver.

It is common knowledge that caregivers, including nurses and workers at nursing homes, are at an increased risk for developing joint issues and back pain. Back and neck injuries, as well as hip, knee, and wrist issues often result and are more common among those that provide care for the elderly. These are many times long term concerns, such as an increased risk for osteoarthritis, but can also manifest in disorders like carpel tunnel syndrome.

The increased risk for mobility related disorders among nurses and long-term patient care providers can be caused by many factors, but are often as the result of directly moving and lifting a patient. These factors not only put the caregiver themselves at an increased risk of injury, but also increase the risk that they will injure the patient during lifting or other movements. Preventing these factors and improving the health of caregivers is, therefore, quite important.

The most significant impact that a lift chair can have on a caregiver is that it reduces stress on the back, legs, and other joints, as the care provider can use the lift chair to raise the patient to their feet. As a result, the main part the care provider will preform is steadying the patient as they transition from sitting to standing position, usually until they are safely using their rolling walker. Removing the stress that can be placed on leg and back joints by lifting or otherwise raising a patient can have a major impact on long term health.

In many cases, the senior is even able to operate the lift chair on their own, without requiring any major help. This offers a variety of advantages, largely involved with reducing the amount of time the nurse must focus on moving the patient, allowing them to use their time on other aspects of patient care.

However, this strictly depends on the abilities of the senior, mainly whether they can safely stand on their own, but in instances where the senior is capable of operating the lift chair without assistance, it can have major impacts on the seniors mental health as well. This is because the elderly patient feels more independent and can move about their own residence, without needing to wait for a caregiver or other helper to stand or sit.

Protecting the health of a care provider, such as a nursing assistant, is a very important task, more so because people in this industry are at an increased risk for developing illnesses later in life. An often unreported advantage of using lifting aids like lift chairs is that they benefit not only the person who has difficulty getting around, but also those that provide care, which can include loved ones.