Invacare Transport Chairs

Transportation is an important point of consideration in this fast moving life. People need to cover long distances within minimum possible time and hence a lot of work and finance is being invested in this section. However, all these modes are very much designed for common people, but for people who are medically unfit and suffer from mobility issues remain left out from enjoying these facilities.

Medical advancements have surely taken a leap forward and have accepted the challenge to turn impossibilities into opportunities. Today the medical science and technological advancements have joined hands together to work for the betterment of mankind. Some years back, what merely seemed impossible are now very much existing and is part of regular life.

Earlier people with walking disabilities or who were incapable of walking due to some illness were confined to their rooms and beds. They were unable to enjoy the luxury of going to places. Well thanks to medical science and technological developments, now these patients do not have to live in confinement anymore, as now they too can enjoy the freedom of movement.

Invacare Transport Chair is a wheelchair that is designed especially for patients with mobility issues. These wheelchairs are the integral part of their life as they are the key to their movement. The Invacare Transport Chairs are highly appreciated, because of their light weight. These chairs are so light that they can be easily stored into vehicles and can be taken to different places. Besides these chairs are designed in a unique manner, which allows it to fold easily.

The Invacare Transport Chair are made of steel frame, which has a layer of Silver Vein carbon coat, which along with a glossy look also protect the frame from rust, thus making it durable. It has full arm rest with a cushion on it and a detachable footrest which match the frame of the chair. These footrest can be moved in other direction allowing the patient to sit and stand comfortably.

The upholstery of the Invacare Transport Chair is one of the best features of protection. These are made of black colour nylon material, which are reluctant to flame and bacteria. Along with that they assist in comfortable sitting position to the patient, without hurting their back. The light weight of these chairs help the helpers of the patients also by giving them piece of mind regarding the storage and usage of these chairs in public places, which are full of people.