Bariatric Chairs For the Health Care Market


In healthcare, the term ‘bariatrics’ has been used in the US for quite some time to describe the relatively new, but increasing field of medicine that focuses on the treatment and control of obesity and disease associated with obesity. The term bariatrics is derived from ‘baros’ meaning heavy and ‘iatros’ meaning physician.

Guidelines for treatment of Overweight patients

Across the country, NHS groups are now producing guidelines on how to treat and care for overweight patients as the number of obese people in the population continues to grow. This short excerpt from Shetland NHS published guidelines shows the extent of the problem:

“Obesity has been described as a global epidemic. 0.8% of men and 1.8% of women (650,000 men & women in the UK) were reported as morbidly obese (i.e. BMI > 35) in 1999 (Health Survey for England 1998). The situation is worsening across all age groups to the point where incidence has trebled since 1980. In Grampian, there has been a commensurate increased incidence of heavy and very heavy patient admissions.”

Ergonomic Risk Factors

Patients over 28 stone must be nursed on the bariatric beds and sat on Bariatric chairs. Other ergonomic risk factors to be considered are: –

· Safe working load of the floor

· Type of floor covering

· Accessibility through doors

· Lifts

Safe Working Load

Bariatric chairs have a Safe Working Load or SWL. It is essential that the SWL is not exceeded as it will affect the stability and mechanism of the equipment and could injure the patient. Sometimes the equipment will be labelled with a safe working capacity (SWC). These terms and acronyms are relating to the same working limit factor.

Specialised equipment should take into account the additional weight and the width of the patient.

Risk Assessment

It is recommended to execute a risk assessment for the management and care of overweight patients. Safety is paramount when considering the treatment of any obese patient, but especially when considering the movement of a heavy patient. Special care is recommended when considering the space surrounding the patient for lifting and movement purposes. Also, the type floor covering must be considered – to minimise slips and trips.

Bariatric chair suppliers

There are very few online office furniture companies that offer Bariatric single lounge chair for users up to 340kgs. Check online for UK bariatric chairs or healthcare furniture including bariatric beds.